CRDS | The Centre for Research in Digital Storymaking focuses on storymaking across different digital media. Our focus on digital storymaking is intended to ensure an interdisciplinary set of engagements.

The Centre’s aims are:

  • To analyse how stories are constructed, remediated, and hybridized in contemporary digital culture.
  • To promote innovative and collaborative methodologies and develop analysis that is grounded in relevant industry contexts

The Centre’s core enquires are:

  • the impact of digital  storymaking in real world contexts (in journalism, documentary, curation, public policy communications such as health);
  • contextual distribution of story events (transmedia, social media);
  • new forms in imaginative narrative media (games, interactive fiction, immersive theatre).

The Centre pursues this mission by organising public events, academic symposia and workshops, and facilitating and coordinating research projects.


CRDS Director: Dr Maria Chatzichristodoulou (Associate Professor in Performance and New Media)


  • Prof Lizzie Jackson (Head of Research, School of Arts and Creative Industries)
  • Dr Elena Marchevska (Associate Professor of Drama and Performance)
  • Prof Janet Jones (Dean, School of Arts and Creative Industries)
  • Prof Phillip Hammond (Professor of Media Studies and CRDS Assistant Director)
  • Dr Karlien Van De Beukel (English and Creative Writing) – Knowledge Exchange Champion
  • Tahira Aziz (Digital Media)

Giving to CRDS

CRDS facilitates and supports research through a combination of grants and private donations. We really appreciate all our supporters who by providing small amounts of seedfunding help CRDS to become an invaluable testing ground for innovative research projects. If you would like to make a gift to CRDS, please contact:

Dr Maria Chatzichristodoulou,  chatzicm@lsbu.ac.uk