Programme available: Art and Housing Struggles: between art and political organising.
London, 31 May to 1 Jun 2018

The focus of this conference are the contradictions and potentials of art in contemporary housing struggles. We intend to continue building on previous efforts to connect art and housing in discussions surrounding gentrification and social housing (Erdemci and Phillips, 2012; Vona, 2016) as well as rethinking art and housing trough social reproduction (Lloyd, 2017; Dimitrakaki and Lloyd, 2017). We are interested in ‘a fragile but dynamic exchange between art and political organising, including analysing and organising within a close proximity to housing movements’ (Ultra-red).

Conference will include participation of Ultra-Red member Dont Rihne (USA). Ultra-red is an international sound art collective founded in 1994 by two Los Angeles AIDS activists that studies, develops, and tests procedures for collective listening that contribute directly to political struggles. The group has been active in the uncompromising Boyle Heights community struggles against art galleries opening in this long term working class migrant community and has been instrumental in founding the recent city-wide L.A. Tenants Union in 2015 to organise against gentrification and mass displacement.

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