Practice as Research

The Practice as Research Group (PARAG) is a sizeable research group that was formed in 2013 in response to the growing number of practitioners working within the School and provides a forum for debate and discussion around the developments and enhancements in knowledge and understanding, achievable through art practice.

The group aims to advance key issues of practice as research, practice-based research and practice-led research in all areas of film, photography, new media, theatre and visual arts. It supports individuals in their endeavours to pursue innovative and critical research through practice, and is dedicated to developing links with national and international networks and associations, and with the creative industries

Names of core Group members
  • Dr Patrick Tarrant, Film Practice
  • Chris Elliot, Film Practice
  • Katrina Sluis, Photography
  • Paula Roush, Photography
  • Daniel Alexander, Photography
  • Dan Barnard, Drama
  • Jon Lee, Drama
  • Gill Foster, Drama
  • Alex McSweeny, English
  • Dr Tahera Aziz, Digital Design
  • Andy Lemon, Digital Design

Contact: Dr Patrick Tarrant