Library of Performing rights


The Library of Performing Rights (LPR) was originally created by Lois Weaver, as a unique resource containing over 250 publications, videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs, brochures, digital and web-based initiatives that examine the intersection between performance and Human Rights and were submitted by artists, activists and academics from around the world.

From August 2017 Library of Performing Rights has been reimagined and reactivated, as a concept or approach to research and practice rather than a distinct collection and is available as a place of action, a place of knowledge exchange, a repository of experience, and a resource and a context that others can use to support and advance their own work both at LADA and elsewhere. New developments include

  • The integration of LPR titles into LADA’s wider Study Room holdings, and the addition of existing Study Room holding that engage with issues of ‘rights’ into the concept of the LPR. All related titles will be catalogued and branded as Library of Performing Rights resources.
  • Navigations through LPR titles in relation to their relevance to the 30 Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • The creation of LPR Touring Boxes for which festivals, organisations, artists and others can curate their own selection of LPR titles as temporary installations at a wide range of public events.
  • Annual LPR Open Days in LADA’s Study Room and the Study Room In Exile – opportunities for debate, knowledge exchange, and the research and discussion of new LPR related materials.
  • An annual  LPR themed DIY project.
  • An annual commission in collaboration with Centre for Digital Storymaking and the Study Room In Exile inviting artists to respond to the LPR. The commission will involve three core elements – a live performance/presentation, the generation of a new LPR item, and the dispersal of ideas or knowledge. One or all of the commission elements will be profiled at the annual Open Days in London and Liverpool.

Research Team:

Prof Lois Weaver, Queen Mary University

Dr Elena Marchevska, Director of The Centre for Reseach in Digital Storymaking

Dr Gary Anderson, Study Room In Exile in Liverpool

Lois Keidan, Live Art Development Agency

Timeline: September 2017-September 2020


The Library of Performing Rights Open with artist Aram Han Sifuentes