Narrative and Social Impact: Making Your Media Matter 16 May 5-7

Thursday 16 May, 5-6:30 Room: LR-101a (DLA event theatre)

“Narrative and Social Impact: Making Your Media Matter.”

This talk explores my design and strategic planning framework for engaging audiences to social action, with case studies of work I’ve produced or advised on.

The talk will focus on “how-tos” in three areas:

  • Impact strategy: how to develop a theory of change and an impact model to create community-level change using your media
  • Impact production: how to produce media / ancillary content, and how to create an impact platform for stakeholder engagement toward action
  • Impact metrics: how to measure or evaluate your impact

I will explore the following case studies:

  • Who Is Dayani Cristal?
  • Inocente
  • How to Let Go of the World …
  • Priya’s Shakti
  • WelcomeALL

I will also draw from the Video4Change Impact Toolkit (released April 24, 2019)

Guest speaker: Lina Srivastava, Fulbrigh Specialist and  social innovation strategist, Creative Impact and Experience Lab (CIEL), New York City (a cultural innovation strategy group, working at the intersection of social action, interactive media, and narrative design).